Meet The Band

Phil Short 



Steve Catt 

Lead Guitar



AJ Jackman

Bass Guitar 


Paul Alway 



Sonic Cartel is Phil Short (Vocals/Guitar), Steve Catt (Lead Guitar), AJ Jackman (Bass Guitar) & Paul Alway (Drums). 


The band is from South London, and is a reincarnation of the boys' original school band, "Villany"! After many years of solo careers, jobs, moving away, families and the general stuff of life, the boys are finally back together and ready to rock!


All Sonic Cartel songs are written by Steve & Phil, who've been writing together for many, many, many, many, years. But, you know, awesome rock tunes don't just happen overnight (except the ones we wrote in a night, of course).


The band's sound is firmly rooted in classic British rock, with a touch of grunge and a bit of Deep South swamp juice thown in for good measure - a pretty good mix, we hope you'll agree! 

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