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New Single, "Hey You" Out NOW!

Our new single, "Hey You" is out NOW!  Get a sneaky peak at the video...

Sonic Cartel To Play The Water Rats

We're very excited to be playing at The Water Rats on Wed 1st May...

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Welcome to the Cartel!

This is the official site for Sonic Cartel. 


Our new single, "Hey You", will be released 29/03/19! You'll be able to stream it on your usual service from then. For a sneak preview, check out the video on our Songs page!


Our EP is out NOW! It's available to stream on all platforms. You can stream it on Spotify HERE


Check out the videos of us recording the four songs on the EP on our Songs page. Plus all our videos are  available on our YouTube Channel.


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  • Want the band to play a gig near you? Fill in the form on our Gigs page (don't forget to get all your mates to do it, too) and we'll see what we can do!


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