Press Release - "Sonic Cartel" EP

Sonic Cartel is a rock band from South London. The band is Phil Short (lead vocals/guitar), Steve Catt (lead guitar), Andrew Jackman (bass guitar), Paul Alway (drums).

All songs are written by Phil & Steve.


Phil and Steve have been buddies since they were both 5 years old and at school together. They wrote their first song at age 12 and formed their first school band, “Villany”. Complete with branded t-shirts and weekend tour planning, the stage was set for world domination! Despite absolutely no success whatsoever, they persevered throughout their time at school and continued to come back to various project together throughout their adult lives until one day, in April 2016, in a studio

in Croydon, “Sonic Cartel” was born.


Sonic Cartel’s sound is firmly rooted in classic British rock, with a touch of punky grunge and a dash of southern boogie thrown in for good measure.

“When you listen to Sonic Cartel, we want you to feel like you belong to something bigger than the individual – you’re part of a family, you’ve joined the Cartel!” 


*EDIT* - recording credits are: Phil Short (lead vocals/guitar), Steve Catt (lead guitar), Dan Hawkins (bass guitar), Mike Barnes (drums). Since recording, Sonic Cartel have undergone a line-up change, with the addition of Andrew Jackman (bass guitar) and Paul Alway (drums). This line-up is now the original "Villany" line-up, back together and ready to rock!


Sonic Cartel’s eponymous debut E.P. was released on 31st October 2017.


Track listing:


1. Fires


“Fires” is the first official Sonic Cartel song, penned in April 2016. Everyone knows someone who “loves a drama” and craves negative attention, and feels the need to inject that negativity into their volatile relationships. “Fires” deals with the fallout generated by these people and how the person on the receiving end doesn’t have to put up with it. Autobiographical…?


2. Point Of View


“Point Of View” talks about the disconnect and lack of trust that exists between the political class and the people who put them in power. Voter apathy and a trail of broken promises has led to a situation where no-one believes the fantasy being sold to them, but don’t feel their voices are loud enough to affect meaningful change. Beautifully illustrated by the band’s “Wolf in politician’s clothing”.


3. Consumed


“Consumed” is an allegory for society’s need for instant gratification. Everyone’s an addict: sex, booze, fags, drugs, television, video games, mobile phones…it’s never enough, so we’re all searching for the next high, the next big thing, the great escape from the mundanity of real life. It’s all available, at a price…who’s buying?


4. Tell Me What You Mean


“Tell Me What You Mean” is a father’s concern for the world his young daughter will inherit: famous for being famous, unfettered access to private lives, the constant need to “share” and be “liked” and to be accepted. The, sometimes, dark undertones of this modern world threaten to undermine the hard-fought battles of previous generations. And, drenched in hypocrisy, the father struggles to maintain his own moral standards against a backdrop of scantily-clad selfies.






Notes to Editors:


Issued by Sonic Cartel. For further information, please email:


Photos from the band’s latest photo shoot are available. 


“Sonic Cartel – the E.P.” is a selection of songs from the band’s album’s-worth of material that the band will be playing live and promoting throughout 2018.


E.P. release date: 31/10/17


Media Opportunities:


All media are invited to attend the band's live dates (details to be issued soon) to review the band’s live performance. There will be opportunities to chat to the band and take photos. Official live shots can also be emailed over after the gig.


The E.P. can be listened to, for reviewing, on Spotify.



For Radio Stations:


All tracks from the E.P. (mastered) are available to be played on your shows, and can be emailed over.

The band is available for interview, to play live acoustic versions of the tracks, and bring along merchandise for giveaways. 




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